Covid-19 measures

Aug 4th, 2020

SCUNTHORPE SPEEDWAY is looking forward to staging Round 1 of the British Youth Championship at the Eddie Wright Raceway on Sunday (August 9th, 5pm).

We know speedway fans are a sensible bunch, while we would like to reassure people that we have undertaken risk assessments and have social distancing measures in place at the stadium. There is signage on display around the stadium.


Admission to the stadium for members of the public is through the turnstiles. There are marked lines outside the stadium – please also make sure you are socially distanced as you queue to get into the stadium. Please try to avoid turning up at the last moment.

We have NOT been sending out tickets in the post. So, please remember to print off the email you received after any PayPal transaction was completed. These MUST be handed over at the turnstile on request as proof of purchase. After entering the stadium, please pick up your programme from the table.


The bar within the clubhouse will be open. There is a one-way system in operation, which will be clearly marked. Please do not stand on the small viewing area outside the clubhouse since this is being used as the entrance. The exit will be the usual way in and out of the clubhouse.


For this particular meeting, we will be using the burger van as the food outlet. It is situated outside the clubhouse – again it will be clearly marked where you should queue and, as throughout, please respect social distancing.

For future meetings, we are planning to have food/drink within the clubhouse. However, for this meeting, only the bar is situated inside the clubhouse. We simply didn’t want to complicate matters too much for our first public meeting.


Both toilet blocks – one at either end of the stadium – will be open.

There are marks on the floor in the toilets to indicate safe distancing. It obviously would be intrusive to have marshals within the toilets, so we ask you to use your common sense.

Each set of toilets will be closed every 30 minutes for cleaning.


Please note that should you socially distance at two metres from all other members of the public, unless they are in the same bubble. With speedway being a family sport, you may see people grouped together who are within the same bubble – please do not be alarmed at this.

As everyone who has visited before will know, the Eddie Wright Raceway is a very open stadium with plenty of space. We ask you to respect others and make sure you stay a safe distance.

A limited number of tickets have been on sale for this meeting, and you will be able to comfortably practice social distancing within the stadium.


Please note that the wearing of face masks is not compulsory. However, if people feel more comfortable wearing one, then they should feel free to do so.


As we are sure you will appreciate, we sadly cannot open the pits for members of the public before and after the meeting in the way that we usually do.

The pits area is strictly one-rider and one-mechanic per rider plus track officials. Riders are entitled to one further guest, but this additional person will be given a guest pass and must enter the stadium through the turnstiles.


After the meeting, please leave via the turnstiles. Please make sure you respect social distancing as you leave.


The name of our lead Covid Marshal on the day of the meeting is Geoff Hayes.

Members of the public are expected to respect the safe distancing advice given. If they do not, or show signs of Covid-19, they may be asked to leave. Any individual already showing signs of Covid-19 must not visit the venue.

Above all, we want you to enjoy your day out and feel safe while watching some speedway. Please have a great day and act with common sense so that everyone else has an enjoyable day as well. Thank you.

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