STING (Rider) Fund

The STING fund was set up a few years ago to raise funds to support riders when they were in trouble with machinery and equipment, in a sport that demands the best, at a premium cost. Riders rely on sponsorship and investments to support their points money (salary) and we wanted to create an environment to be able to help when it was really needed most.

During the early seasons at the EWR for the Scorpions riders, there were a variety of supporters who liked to help various riders from time to time but some felt an organised fund would give many others the chance to help the riders who perform so admirably for the Scorpions. It led to the formation of the Scorpions Team INvestment Group (or S.T.I.N.G. for short) and it allows fans to pay from as little as £5 a month into the fund and a committee ensure the funds are paid out to the most worthy causes in times of need. Over the years the fund has helped virtually EVERY rider that has worn the Scorpions race jacket, from tyres, to clutches, to frames, engine repairs/servicing and rebuilds.

The S.T.I.N.G. committee spent the early years organising fundraising events such as race nights, auctions and summer outdoor Hog Roasts with live music, as well as end of season events.

However, committee member, Paul Duff, is keen to attract new members. “They are the life-blood for the fund. Regular contributors mean regular payouts to riders when they have a run of repair and servicing costs. We’re not looking for big sums, although they would be great. £5 a month is just over a pound a week but if 50 people contribute £5 a month then suddenly we have £2500 to share out over a season”.

Recently and most generously, Rob Godfrey invited the STING fund to take over the 50/50 raffle at the track – We have taken residence in the programme sales office, assisting where we can and promoting the raffle. For £1 a strip, 50% of EVERY ticket sold goes into the riders’ fund, so in buying a ticket the supporters can help massively with riders’ costs. The other 50% collected, is divided into 2 prizes and the winning numbers are relayed over the PA system for the winning raffle ticket holders to collect their winnings form the pit gate. This has been a huge boost to the fund, offering the supporters a chance to help where they can, whilst also sharing the possibilty of a nice payout for their contribution, a real WIN/WIN situation. The raffle has become a real focal point at the track for home and away supporters, it really is an opportunity to take home a neat sum of money whilst helping the team on and off the track.

If anyone is interested in helping the Scorpions’ riders by joining the fund, making a donation, or for general information about the fund or raffle, please contact Paul on 07595826832 (e-mail: or fellow committee members Claire Leather ( and Rik Duff ( – MORE IMPORTANTLY – keep buying those raffle tickets !

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