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At Scunthorpe we now run 6 flat track meetings a year with a three round Spring Cup (typically in March, April and May) followed up by a three round Autumn Trophy later in the year (typically September, October and November). Between 2018 and 2023 there was also the Dirt Diggers weekend racing festival. That is taking a break in 2024 but hopefully it will return for future years.

Flat Track racing at Scunthorpe originally started with the Short Track UK championship around 2005 (around a year after the track was built). By 2013 flat track classes were regular inclusions in the club’s amateur speedway meetings and after Odgie Danaan and Richard Hollingsworth joined forces to organise the first Dirt Diggers festival in 2018 the number of classes and entries grew to the point where the flat track classes needed their own meetings.

At its heart the club’s philosophy is for everything they organise to be friendly and fun and they are particularly keen to welcome new racers to the flat track scene. Along with the custom-built flat track bikes (which now also has a vintage class) there are classes for MX/Dirt Bikes (which also has a vintage class), Street Trackers (Super Comp for the more modified), Pit Bikes, Minibikes, Inappropriates, Ladies and two youth classes. Here is Youtube clip to give you an idea of what we do https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=871wONObPjA

For info on the annual Dirt Diggers Flat Track Festival Weekend please see our separate page here http://scunthorpe-speedway.com/?page_id=12943

Up-to-date track calendar of all amateur track activities at Scunthorpe, including the the flat track meetings and all the practices (which are all more than happy to accept flat trackers) is on their website here http://scunthorpescorpions.co/?page_id=73

Bookings can be made by contacting Richard Hollingsworth on the email below, texting him on 07832-402167 or messaging him on Facebook or through the ‘Scunny Flat Track’ Facebook group. However, bookings for events run by the club do need to be paid for, at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting/practice, here http://scunthorpe-speedway.com/bookingoffice Payment rules for practices run by Wayne Carter and AMSA do differ so please liaise with the organiser; actually still Richard Hollingsworth for Wayne’s session and Heather Beachill (07722-656105) for AMSA

E-mail scunnyraceway@gmail.com or go to facebook.com/groups/scunnyflattrack

STARTING OUT – In the first instance you will need to contact Richard Hollingsworth to discuss your entry. Please have an idea of the bike you will ride, the class you want to enter and the race number you would like to use. If entering the Super Comp, Street Tracker or Inappropriate classes then please send him a photo so that he can get the entry approved. You can contact him via email (scunnyraceway@gmail.com), text (07832-402167) or via Messenger.

RIDER NUMBERS – All our lap recording is done by Richard on the infield using pen and paper so please display your numbers as clearly, and as often, as possible. As a minimum we’d like them on the front and left hand side but the right hand side also helps whilst those riders who also have them on their backs give Richard one last chance of recording your number as you whizz past.

FACEBOOK GROUP If you use Facebook at all we strongly recommend joining the Scunthorpe Flat Track group https://www.facebook.com/groups/scunnyflattrack as events, booking lists and updates, if there are problems with the weather, appear there. We are very much a grass roots group who like to welcome newcomers to the sport and, if anyone has any questions, the group is a great place to ask them. The announcements section has some interesting, information including on where to get steel shoes, whilst tyres are always a subject that is discussed on a regular basis.

LICENCING – All our meetings are currently run under SCB (Speedway Control Bureau) regulations. The racing year, as far as licences are concerned, runs from March 1st to the end of February and up to three free day permits can be used. Riders who race/practice with us more than three times a year will need an ACU licence. It can be for any classification and anyone without an ACU licence of any type can purchase an amateur speedway licence (which for 2023 is just £20). Licences are available here www.ride-acu.uk

SPRING CUP & AUTUMN TROPHY SERIES – We run a three-round Spring Cup from March to May and an Autumn Trophy series from September to November. All races in every round count equally towards the championships. However, the last race of each round is a final and there are trophies to the first three across the line in each class. The Facebook group is great for seeing the fixtures and there should be a list of them further down this page. However, the fixtures and practice sessions we have, can be viewed here http://scunthorpe-speedway.com/?page_id=73

SIGNING-IN ON THE DAY – Whilst all bookings and payments must be made in advance (usually by 5pm the night before raceday) it is necessary to sign-in on raceday between 9.30am and 10.30am. This is usually with Anne at the office at the end of the pits. If you have an ACU licence number please inform us of it when you sign-in. At this point you will be given a race sheet with your race numbers and grid positions

RACE/HEAT NUMBERS – The next race number is displayed near the pit gate. Please be ready in plenty of time for your race and when invited to enter the track please go round to the start and line up on your designated grid position. As soon as the pit gate is closed then the number will be changed to the next race. Being ready for your race and finding your grid position really does make the meeting move along at pace whereas around a minute’s delay between each race will mean the meeting takes close to an hour longer than necessary.

GRID POSITIONS – All classes in all meetings operate on a three rows of five grid system. You will receive a race sheet with your grid positions on. Please make note before you come onto track and go direct to your designated spot. The grids are boxes (approximately 3 metres wide) and you can start anywhere along the front line of the box. Grid positions 1 to 5 are on the front row with position 1 on the inside and position 5 on the outside. Grid positions 6 to 10 are on the second row with position 6 on the inside and position 10 on the outside. Grid positions 11 to 15 are on the back row with position 11 on the inside and position 15 on the outside. Of course, not all rows are used by every class as it depends on the number of entrants.

FALSE STARTS – Riders must sit still until the tapes go up. If a rider is caught moving at the start, no matter, how little then they risk being placed last for that race. If a rider knows he has rolled then we recommend them dropping back (to negate the advantage they gained) and then to re-start racing.

RACE EXCLUSIONS – Riders will be excluded from the points if they are the cause of a stoppage. In most cases they will still be allowed to have their ride but won’t score in the re-run. However, if an incident isn’t seen, or blame cannot be apportioned after speaking to those involved, then all riders will be allowed to complete for championship points (and trophies if it is a final). However, with the above in mind, riders should always bear in mind that, above all else, our meetings are meant to be fun. We expect riders to treat each other with respect, especially out on track and, for example, diving down the inside and hitting someone else is not an acceptable way of slowing down. Racing accidents happen but some collisions are the result of dangerous riding, and we suggest riders who want a demolition derby go ride elsewhere.

SAFETY GUIDELINES – For everyone’s safety there are a few basic requirements. Decent helmet to ECE, DOT or similar standard (open faces are acceptable but full-face is highly recommended), with goggles or visor (no sunglasses). Decent stout trousers and jacket, boots that cover the ankle and gloves made of something better than woolly mittens. Body armour of some sort is also highly recommended – the tracks can and will bite you.
Bikes must have self-closing throttles – ie, when you let go of it, it snaps shut. Mirrors removed from bikes, lights taped up or removed, folding or rubber covered footrests, working rear brake (we recommend the front brake is removed, at least the handlebar lever, so it can’t catch on another rider in close racing, plus you won’t be tempted to use it – because you WILL crash if you do…). Oh and no stupid sticky out bits anywhere please. Wheels with six spokes or less must have an infill between all the spokes, and rear chains must have a protective ‘shark’s fin’ type guard on the bottom run where the chain enters the rear sprocket (if you’re not sure what that means then please ask us). Finally, the other aspect we focus on is that we ask for everyone to fit a lanyard cut-out that kills the ignition when pulled (although we do give dispensation to newcomers as long as if they want to return they get one fitted).

TRACK HIRE – We like to keep our track as busy as possible so have a sliding scale rental. This allows groups of up to ten riders to hire the track from £450. Full details are here http://scunthorpe-speedway.com/?page_id=94

Class definitions - Summer 2023

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