Flat Track Racing at Scunthorpe

At Scunthorpe we run 12-14 flat track meetings a year with a Summer Championship run between April and October and Winter Series between November and March. Then, of course, there is the flagship Dirt Diggers weekend racing festival that started in 2018.

Flat Track racing at Scunthorpe originally started with the Short Track UK championship around 2005 (around a year after the track was built). By 2013 flat track classes were regular inclusions in the club’s amateur speedway meetings and after Odgie Danaan and Richard Hollingsworth joined forces to organise the first Dirt Diggers festival in 2018 the number of classes and entries grew to the point where the flat track classes needed their own meetings.

At it’s heart the club’s philosophy is for everything they organise to be friendly and fun and they are particularly keen to welcome new racers to the flat track scene. Along with the custom-built flat track bikes (which now also has a vintage class) there are classes for MX/Dirt Bikes (which also has a vintage class), Street Trackers (Super Comp for the more modified), Pit Bikes, Scooters, Inappropriates, Ladies and two youth classes.

For info on the annual Dirt Diggers Flat Track Festival Weekend please see our separate page here http://scunthorpe-speedway.com/?page_id=12943

Up-to-date track calendar of all amateur track activities at Scunthorpe, including the the flat track meetings and all the practices (which are all more than happy to accept flat trackers) is on their website here http://scunthorpescorpions.co/?page_id=73

Bookings can be made by contacting Richard Hollingsworth on the email below, texting him on 07832-402167 or messaging him on Facebook or through the ‘Scunny Flat Track’ Facebook group. However, bookings for events run by the club do need to be paid for, at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting/practice, here http://scunthorpe-speedway.com/bookingoffice Payment rules for practices run by Wayne Carter and AMSA do differ so please liaise with the organiser (actually still Richard Hollingsworth for Wayne’s session and Heather Beachill (07722-656105) for AMSA

E-mail scunthorperaceway@virginmedia.com or go to facebook.com/groups/scunnyflattrack

Flat Track Class Definitions June 2021

Flat Track

Street Tracker 3

Junior One 2



Mini Bikes Presentation

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