Track Hire


The Eddie Wright Raceway doesn’t have planning restrictions on the hours it can be used although we do try and keep most midweek activity to after 4pm as a courtesy to neighbouring businesses. Please text Richard Hollingsworth on 07832-402167 if you are interested in hiring the track.

Track rates for speedway and flat track practice start at just £450 (plus £100 deposit for any session with speedway bikes in case of air fence damage). That cost covers up to ten riders. After that it is an extra £20 for each additional rider.

Medical cover is not included in the price but can be arranged with enough notice. Naturally, should the session be rained-off then a full refund will be given.

Dates can be booked with a £100 deposit and the remainder is due ten days before the session. Payments can be made via Paypal to but please note all payments must be Friends and Family trusted payments or we will ask for the fees to be paid (£18 on £550).

Due to the popularity of the mid-week afternoon/early evening sessions we will be continuing to make them available from September to March but the cost will be £50 extra to cover the cost of the track lighting.

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