Josh keeping fit – and still planning his big day

May 6th, 2020


HEB Scunthorpe Scorpions’ legend Josh Auty is pressing ahead with testimonial plans – after seeing the planned staging axed in March.

Auty, the club’s all-time leading scorer, was due to celebrate over a decade as a Scorpion at the Eddie Wright Raceway just days after the season was suspended.

But the gritty Yorkshireman insists he’s pressing ahead and is set to make an announcement soon about plans, possibly for next year.

Auty said: “It was a shame it got scrapped, but I wasn’t surprised because the Coronavirus issue had been escalating for days.

“The good thing is we already have a lot of the planning in place and I’m hopeful the riders and sponsors who were behind me will still be there for the re-staging.

“Rob Godfrey, the promoter at Scunthorpe, has been superb all along and I can’t thank him enough for everything he has done.”

Auty has been keeping fit by regular 5k runs around his hometown of Mirfield and surrounding areas.

He added: “I did the 5k challenge in 21 minutes last week which I’m pretty pleased about.

“I try and go out most days for exercise, because if we get the green light to go racing, I want to be ready.

“My bikes have been ready to go for some time and we’re all just waiting for the green light.

“It’s been tough not having contact with friends and family for such a long time, but hopefully things will get back to normal soon. I hope everyone is safe and well during these difficult times.”

PHOTO: Josh in action in the one speedway meeting which has taken place so far this season – the Ben Fund Bonanza (pic: Ian Rispin).

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