Danny Ayres: The Greatest Showman DVD

Apr 20th, 2020


We highly recommend this DVD from ReRun Productions:

The Greatest Showman

From raw novice to British Final hero in six short years! What a journey it was for the totally unique Danny Ayres. He was like a box of chocolates – you never knew what you were going to get from Danny – except you would always get 100% effort! He may have been falling off and getting straight back on his bike in the blink of an eye, surprising us with some of his stunning wins or entertaining the crowd with his post race celebrations! Speedway was never dull with this incredible entertainer on track.

This tribute brings you the good and the odd bad, times of Danny including action from all the tracks he rode for in his tragically short career, namely Kent, Glasgow, Leicester, King’s Lynn, Cradley, Redcar, Mildenhall and Scunthorpe.

We also include some of his always interesting interviews, his NL Pairs victory, his heroics in front of the Sky Sports cameras at Glasgow and his incredible race at the National Speedway Stadium in the British Final on this double disc production.

He may be gone but he will most certainly never be forgotten and we hope you enjoy the journey of Danny Ayres …. The Greatest Showman!

With special thanks to Jeff Davies, Speedway Portal, Tapes Up Productions, Clean Cut Sports, T2TV Media, Speedway Star, Glasgow Speedway, Elizabeth Leslie and Tony Neal.

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Order via the ReRun Productions website: http://www.rerunproductions.co.uk/latest_releases.html

All profits go to Danny’s family.

Running time 220 mins.

ONLY £15 (plus £2 P&P for UK).

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