Hot Rod Rules


This formula is NON-CONTACT and is for lightly-modified saloon and hatchback front wheel drive cars up to 2000cc in standard trim. Cars should have a professional appearance.
There will be an automatic minimum three month ban which will be issued for threatening behaviour, and a minimum twelve months which will be issued for physical violence offences. Repeat offences will result in harsher penalties. This applies to drivers and team members in all formulae.

1. CARS- Right hand front wheel drive steel bodied saloon or hatchback cars. All panels must be of original design. All vehicle structure must remain original. All bulkheads and floor pans must remain intact and original. All rear towing eyes must be removed. Engines must be as manufactured and no more than 2000cc 8v and up to 1600cc 16v. No turbo charged cars or twin cam 8v engines allowed. 16v engines are allowed any choice of carburettor and a stand alone ignition system and lightened flywheels. There are only certain engines that are allowed, the engines that are NOT ALLOWED are Rover, Honda and Ford Zetec SE engines, all other ford engines must have the original 1.6 casting on the block clearly marked in white. Any choice of carburettor or single point injection are allowed only multipoint injection will NOT be allowed.

2. FRONT BUMPERS/FRONT WINGS- Steel bumpers are permitted. Race tech fronts are permitted and plastic bumpers only are allowed support frame work but it must be no bigger than 40mm x 40mm box section 3mm thick behind the front bumper. Box section may enter the chassis but must terminate within 15cm of entering and no additional strengthening will be allowed and no additional supports attached forward of the front struts or attached to them. All wings must remain as standard, i.e. no folding up, flared arches and sills can be added.

3. THE RACING- All drivers must be aged 16 years old or over.

4. SILENCER/EXHAUST- All cars must be silenced. If internal exhaust systems are fitted it must be fully covered with a heat shield.

5. SCREENS,WINDOW NET AND MIRRORS- All glass must be removed but an interior mirror and a drivers side door mirror must be fitted , a drivers side window net is also compulsory.

6. STOP LIGHTS- Two brake lights must be fitted and clearly visible, small marker type lights will NOT be allowed.

7. BRAKES- All brakes must be operational.

8. WHEELS AND TYRES- Road legal 12,13,14 and 15 inch wheels are permitted with either UK remould tyres, UK budget tyres or mud and snow tyres. No road rally competition tyres and NO full rally competition tyres are allowed. Reinforced side wall tyres are NOT allowed. All tyres must be for road use in the UK market, front 2 tyres and near side rear must be 3mm tread depth . NO beadlock wheels will be permitted.

9. BATTERIES AND ELECTRICAL- Batteries must be securely clamped inside the car and covered with an acid proof material. They must be fitted at least 6 inches from the fuel tank and an electrical cut off switch must be mounted in the near side rear quarter close to the B pillar. All wiring/electrical must not be fastened to fuel lines.

10. RADIATORS- All cooling systems must be contained under the bonnet of the vehicle (oil coolers included).

11. DRIVRS SEAT AND BELTS- A competition seat with a head restraint must be fitted, if of a reclining type it must be welded solid into position. All seats should be securely bolted or welded solid into place and adjustable runners must be welded securely. A minimum 3 inch 5 point harness must be used and each strap must be mounted separately to a secure mounting. An extra bar of roll cage material specification is to be fitted to the roll cage behind the drivers seat to support the seat.

12. ROLL CAGES- No alloy or part cages are allowed. The minimum roll cage is a 6 point contact cage, comprising of 2 front legs following the A pillars with an connecting bar across the roof, 2 rear legs following the B pillars with a connecting bar across the roof, 2 outer and a centre bar joining front and rear sections above the drivers head must be fitted, a dash bar between the front legs must be fitted, 2 connecting bars between the rear legs must be fitted, 2 rear stay bars must be fitted into the rear of the car from the top of the rear legs. 2 door bars must go into the doors and must be fitted to both sides connected to the front and rear legs. A bar must be fitted into the centre of the windscreen area. Sill bars are optional and door bars may be connected to this. All joints must be welded over 90% of the joint. All bolt in cages must have a minimum of a 1 inch weld on each joint. The cage must not protrude through the bulk head with the following exception, it is permitted to support both turrets from the roll cage with the maximum material and gauge as the roll cage but the shock absorber must not connect to it. The roll cage leg feet must be on six welded square plate, minimum thickness of 3mm, or a piece of 38mm x 38mm box section, 2.5mm minimum thickness, connecting front and rear leg feat welded to the floor or sill. This bar will not be classed as a door bar. Roll cages must terminate at least 4 inches from the rear panel. All bars connected to the cage must be steel. The minimum thickness of the roll cage is 1.25 inches OD 10swg (3mm) tube, 1.5 inches OD 12swg (2.5mm) tube, 38mm x 38mm 10swg (3mm) box iron.

13. CRASH HELMETS- Helmets must fit the driver correctly and meet one of the following standards : BS6658 type A/FR, FIA ‪8860-2004‬,Snell SA2005/M2005/M2010,SFI, foundation 31.1A or 31.2A, European ECE 22-05 or Japanese JIS T8 133:2000 and JIS 8133:2007.Shatterproof goggles/visors must be worn although tinted visors are NOT recommended.

14. FIRE PROTECTION- A 1kg dry powder fire extinguisher must be fitted to the interior of the car and all drivers must wear fire proof overalls and gloves, they must be presented at scrutineering.

15. MEETINGS- Drivers and cars should be in the pits at least one hour prior to the advertised start time of the meeting for signing-on and scrutineering.

16. ROOF COLOURS AND NUMBERS- Roof colours must be displayed with a minimum of a 12 inch right angled triangle over the drivers head. Door numbers must be displayed on both sides of the car. Roof numbers must be black numbers on a white background with a minimum size of 21cm tall and 30cm wide. All new/novice drivers must do a minimum of 3 meetings starting at the back of the grid (behind the Gold roof).

17. FUEL TANKS- Must be metal and fitted to the rear of the driver and at least 6 inches from the battery. All fuel lines can be metal or rubber which confirms to British standards. Lines must be securely fitted to the floor down the centre of the car and there must be a fuel shut off tap within easy reach of the driver. All fuel tanks must have a breather pipe with a non-return valve fitted.

18. FITNESS- Any driver who has suffered an injury may NOT be allowed to continue racing in a meeting..

19. LINCOLNSHIRE CUP QUALIFACTION- Drivers must have raced in at least 5 rounds to qualify for the final..

20. TRANSPONDERS- Transponders are mandatory as from the beginning of the 2019 season and they must be fitted no further forward than 1.8m from the front of the car and must mount securely in the vehicle pointing downwards through the centre of a hole minimum of a 4 inch square in the floor of the vehicle, and must be of the Mylaps type used by the outlaws which is the X2 transponder for motorcross (MX).All cars without a transponder will NOT score points or win prize money and will therefore have to start at the rear of the grid (behind the gold roof) and will only be allowed to race for one meeting.

21. All drivers will be allowed a meetings grace on vehicles that are presented , that don’t meet the rules unless it is deemed unsafe to race.

22. DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE- All drivers are responsible for their own behaviour and the behaviour of their representatives. There will be a minimum of a one meeting ban for threatening or abusive behaviour, and a minimum of 12 months ban for physical violence offences. All drivers causing deliberate or avoidable contact will be issued with a verbal warning and further offences will result in a minimum of a meetings ban. The use of social media by drivers and their representatives to disrespect the promotion or track staff and officials will result in the driver being banned for up to 3 months. If you are banned from racing you will be banned from the Facebook page.

23. DRINKING AND DRUGS- Random breath and drug tests will be being carried out at every meeting, anybody that refuses to take one will be given a 12 month ban from racing anybody that fails will also receive a 12 month ban. We are not saying you can’t have a drink but please be sensible. The limit will be that of what is legal for driving on the public high way.

24. It will now be mandatory for all vehicles to have some sort of video recording equipment eg camera/goggles, this needs to be showing a view to the front with steering wheel in view. Footage must be shown if asked for, if refused to be shown this will result in instant ban for the rest of the meeting. With a view to further punishment when other footage has been viewed.

25. Complaints procedure – If you have a complaint please leave it 10 minutes after the race, but before your next race starts. The driver only can come to make the complaint. You can speak to any of the committee members.

26. If you have not raced the previous season you will be taken off the Facebook page.


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